May. 1st, 2017

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So... Beltane 2017.

What was awesome.

- I loved the acro. It came as a total surprise to me that I'd enjoy it that much, but I found it completely heavenly.
- I liked the group I was in. Although I didn't necessarily gel that strongly. - Everybody was pretty nice, and they were a lot of fun to Beltane with.
- I was pretty useful. I made sure a lot of things were okay, I got them a yard to build their boat in, and generally looked after things.
- The night itself, although there were about 40 minutes of improv audience interaction (don't like this if unplanned), once we got the boat moving everything came alive, the crowd were loving it, and it was a huge buzz.
- Burning the boat at the end. Rather than the slightly dull all sitting at bower, we burned a boat, then the foxes joined us, and the Aerie. It was lovely.
- The After Party. This was a fantastic thing filled with drumming and friends, I completely loved it.
- The feeling of community in general. I may not be so strongly bonded to the group, but I feel much closer to Beltane, than I used to. Really must GO again.
- The views at the After-After. I was a little bit high, and found the party itself it's normal meh, but god, some of the scenery up there!

What was meh, or bad.

- I didn't really connect with the group as well as I'd liked. I made a couple of new friends, and I enjoyed Beltaning with them, but for some reason I didn't really feel I closely gelled. This is a common, but by no means universal thing with Beltane. I'm not that much like quite a lot of the people.
- It was chaotic, everyone was unusually late for everything, didn't actually harm that much.
- The away weekend, started out quite well, and I enjoyed some of it, but I drank and smoked too much on the first night, and it made everything else harder. I was a bit upset that I was left outside when I incapacitated myself with dope. It was cold out there, and kinda dampened trust for me.
- I damaged my leg. This was the worst thing, as it affected bonding, acro everything else, and meant I couldn't to acro with the group for two essential weeks, made the bits of performance less good for me. It was bad.
- The After-After. As is near universally the case, everyone I was very close to at Beltane was either drumming or at home asleep, I was a bit drugged, and so didn't get on with it. Nice views though.


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