Aug. 6th, 2008

Hellboy 2

Aug. 6th, 2008 01:00 am
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Just went to see Hellboy 2. Brief review: "I liked it, most people won't, 4 stars".

I've been trying to place quite why I liked it so much. The plot was slightly dodgy, the  special effects were okay but nothing special, the fight scenes were quite good, but once again nothing special, and the ending was ropey and a bit predictable, as was the bad guy.

I suppose it's this: by the end of the film, I really liked the three main characters. I felt comfortable with them, and cared what happened to them in a way which doesn't happen normally in a super hero film. The humour got me too, there was a joyous, ridiculous intensity to many scenes which had me leaning forward and laughing loudly. Finally, I liked the backdrop, it's a humanitarian's way of looking at the occult, in all of these bizzare places, the inhabitants still have their own little concerns.

It clearly wasn't as good a superhero film as The Dark Knigt, but, as characters, I just don't like Batman anywhere near as much as I like Hellboy.

Despite the fact I thought the film was flawed, I'm desperate for another sequel so that I can see the characters again. Maybe GdT should consider making a series (of some kind, not necessarily of this), I'd watch.


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